Blondie Makhene – Biography, Age, Albums, Songs & Net Worth

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Blondie Makhene

Blondie Makhene – Biography, Age, Career, Salary & Net Worth

  • Name: Blondie Makhene
  • Occupation: Musician
  • Date of Birth: 16 September 1955
  • Nationality: South African
  • Net Worth: An estimated net worth of $500,000

Blondie Makhene (born 16 September 1955 in Soweto) whose real name is Keoagile Gerald Makhene is a South African singer.


Blondie Makhene Age

He was born on the 16th of September 1955 in South Africa. As of 2021, he is 66 years old and celebrates his birthday on September 16th every year.

Blondie Makhene Children

Makene has three children; Pauline, Letoya Makhene, and Gontse, who is the youngest daughter.

Blondie Makhene Albums

He has one album that was released in 2014 and has the following tracklist.

  • Ilanga Lokufa
  • Sthandwa Sami
  • Kujabul’ Amadlozi
  • Ndikondle
  • Zubara Yenda (feat. Letoya)
  • Ngihawukele
  • Shoba Labangoma
  • Umoya
  • Ndafa Ndaroba
  • Kenna Yo Morena

Blondie Makhene Song

  • Overtime
  • Spreading Love
  • Ntate Modise
  • Baby I’m Missing You
  • When I’m in Your Arms
  • Skhanda Mayeza
  • Kajeno Ke Mokete
  • Thabana Morena
  • Pekwa Pekwa
  • Thibela Nja Tseo
  • Abuli Yole
  • Inside Out
  • Vamos a Bailar
  • Mosadi Wa Ka

Blondie Makhene Struggle Songs

  • Amaqabane Too Many People
  • Ntate Modise Sa 1990 African Zulu Funk Bayou Funk
  • Mandela Uthhayihlome
  • Slovo No Tambo
  • Ayilelanga
  • Lomhlaba Siwugezile
  • Woza Woza Anc

Blondie Makhene Salary


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Blondie Makhene Instagram

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