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Lindelani Mkhize founding member of the joyous celebrations, Lindelani Mkhize is a South African producer known for his work with jazz, Afro-pop, kwaito, and gospel musicians.


Lindelani Mkhize


Lindelani Mkhize Career

Lindelani Mkhize has been a lead figure in the reality talent competition ‘I Want to Sing Gospel’ since 2008. The winner of the competition receives a recording deal with Mkhize’s label, Lindelani Mkhize Entertainment.


In 2012 he was announced as one of the three judges for the Mzansi Magic reality competition Clash of the Choirs South Africa, which aired in 2013.

Lindelani Mkhize Wife

He is married to Nhlanhlo Mkhize.

Lindelani Mkhize Albums

  • 2010: Joyous Celebration 14
  • 2012: Joyous Celebration 5
  • 1997: Joyous Celebration 1
  • 2005:Joyous Celebration 9
  • 1998: Joyous Celebration 2
  • 2009: Joyous Celebration 10
  • 1999: Joyous Celebration 3
  • 2016: Joyous Celebration, Vol. 20
  • 2015: Joyous Celebration, Vol. 19 (Back to the Cross)
  • 2017: Joyous Celebration 21: Heal Our Land (Live)
  • 2009: Joyous Celebration 11: Live At The Sun City Superbowl

Lindelani Mkhize Songs

  • Hallelujah Nkateko
  • Uyalalelwa
  • Ngobekezela
  • Ntate ke Mang
  • Siyabonga Jesu
  • Hi Hanya Mahala
  • Bhekani UJehova
  • Unkulunkulu Wezimanga
  • Itshokwadi
  • Na Ma Ta
  • Tshala
  • Ngizolibonga
  • Kuregerera in Advance
  • Ngino Jesu Medley
  • Namhla Nkosi
  • Umbhedesho
  • Modimo Ali Teng
  • Umoya Praise Medley
  • Baleka
  • Ngena Nawe
  • Hakuna Zvinorema
  • Bengingazi
  • Entabeni Ekude
  • Ngiphete Ungqo
  • Phindúkhulume
  • Wasara Wasara
  • Zulu Worship
  • Kuligugu Kimi
  • Who Am I
  • Bawo Ndixolele
  • Webangcwele
  • Ngingowakho

Lindelani Mkhize Salary

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